Machine Learning

We help students find their perfect career

Prepare students for their future careers with access to local resources and potential opportunities using artificial intelligence.

How It Works

Student Interest Assessment

The Student Interests Assessment is given to 6th graders to 12th graders to help prepare them for their career goals.

Personal Interests

Personality Markers

Socialization & Soft Skills

Personalized Learning Plan

Once the Student Interest Assessment is complete, our AI will create a learning plan for high school to guide the student.

Suggestions for Majors and Careers

Career Path Structure for Classes

Suggestions for Additional Learning

Improve Skill Sets

Students follow the plan to make sure they are taking classes for their career path and grow skills through social means.

Improve Soft Skills for Job Industry

Improve Social Skills for Personal Growth

Improve Self-Esteem through Directed Study

Improve Class Scheduling for Counselors

Guidance Counselors

We help counselors be able to address individual student needs while still managing large caseloads. Use the personalized learning plan to help students align with career goals and state requirements. Help students explore roles before settling on their dream career. 

Data-Driven Support for Parents

Parental Support

Help your student find their career path with data and guidance. Save time and money on the right major for college, the right vocational career, and much more. Your student trusts your judgment for their future. Make this the best choice they ever make for themselves with your help.

Curriculum Support for School Districts

District Customization

Knowing students’ interests can help school districts better plan for teacher specializations, extracurricular programs, and the career needs of the local community. Use student data to pilot new programs and help increase high performing careers for local area economic development.

Compiled data from the Student Interest Assessment helps districts better plan budgets and area curriculum needs.


School Districts

Data Points

It is amazing! I wish I had this in high school, middle school even. This will help you, even as a guidance counselor, and help you guide your student into any career path they wish. Everyone should tap into this now!

Shayla Bryant

Homeschool Counselor

Experience the Future

By preparing students for their future careers in high school, we can empower students to be more effective in their roles. Additionally, companies can thrive knowing they have well-rounded employees to enhance innovation for the next generation.