Shamrck Education Early Access Program
Access local resources to skyrocket your child's future
Personalized learning plans for your student's career interests
For a limited time, join the program for $10/year to get career resources for your child.
Internships, Programs, and Mentors
Local resources join your child's village to prepare them for their chosen career while in middle and high school
Career Assessment
Your child takes a short assessment that will give them information on potential careers for their future based on interests and personality.
Personalized Learning Plan
The personalized learning plan helps them enhance soft skills and improve on weaknesses for career advancement.
Connect to Local Resources
We connect the student with programs, businesses, and mentors, to help them grow skills in their potential career.
Increase Local Talent Retention
Engaging students with their local resources creates bonds and helps areas retain talent that work, live, and grow in their hometown.
Grow School District Programs
School districts view at a glance data about the student in their area so school systems can continue to support student growth.
Community Collaboration
The community further supports students to mentor them into growth plans for their careers and the needs of local businesses.
Founded by a Parent & a Professional
Sheffie Robinson, Founder & CEO
Military spouse and mother of 3, Sheffie Robinson is a self-taught software engineer with over 20 years experience. Coupled with her degree in Sociology, she sees tremendous value in engaging students during adolescence to prepare them for their careers.
For a limited time, join the program for $10/year to get career resources for your child.